Proof of Funds Letters

Proof of funds letters to help you get your real estate flipping or buy and hold investment off to a quick start

Get Under Contract Quickly With a Proof of Funds Letter

A proof of funds letter is your personalized statement that shows we have set aside the funds for your real estate investment.  Understanding when to use a proof of funds letter and how it fits into your real estate investing strategy is crucial to your success. The best part? Download as many of these as you want, 24/7 and it’ll help you move quickly when you want to make an offer that gets taken seriously by a seller.

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I used a Simplestate ‘Proof of Funds’ letter to get a property under contract on the same day.

Richard Blowers, Voyage Realty

Proof of Funds Letters Available for Use In All 50 States!

Being able to present a proof of funds letter is crucial to real estate investors. After finding a property on which you would like to make an offer it is essential to move quickly. Simplestate is an asset based lender, so getting a verification of funds that contains the correct verbiage is easy.

What is a Proof of Funds Letter?

What exactly is a proof of funds letter and how does obtaining one fit into your real estate investment success? Sometimes it is easiest to understand proof of funds if you put yourself in the position of the property seller. Once a property is listed as for sale, the seller wants to attract as many potential buyers as possible to increase the chances of it selling quickly. They’ll not want to do anything that will jeopardize that action taking place. As they are fielding queries about that listing one of the most important things they’ll be asked is about the availability of the property? They’re only going to want to have to tell people it is under contract if they’re relatively sure of the buyer. And that is where the verification of funds letter comes into play.

A seller is not going to want to turn away interested parties unless they feel good about any offer they they may have accepted. One of the most important aspects of that is being assured that the buyer will have the money to complete the purchase. And that is where a proof of funds letter comes into play.

A seller wants something other than a promise and a smile from the buyer. A properly worded verification of funds letter will give the seller the confidence to put their property under contract.

When it comes to real estate investing, knowing how to properly word your proof of funds letters is crucial to gaining the sellers’ confidence and trust.   A Simplestate ‘Proof of Funds’ letter provides that confidence to the seller.